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Evolve MMA has been servicing the Albury Wodonga area since 2008. Head Coach Paul Redcliffe has been a martial artist since 1995, training in Tae Kwon Do, Zengoshu Karate, Kickboxing, BJJ & MMA. He is an IMMAFA Level 1 MMA Coach.

Company Overview
MMA Training, Kickboxing
Strength, Conditioning, Speed & Agility Classes
Xtreme MMA Kids Combining Kickboxing, Takedowns & Groundwork
Discount Sports Supplements

Mixed Martial Arts (Also called Vale Tudo meaning “Anything Goes” in Brazilian Portuguese) is where you put it all together, combining BJJ, Kickboxing & Wrestling into an effective fighting or self defence style. Fighting Fitness Martial Arts have, like so many others, come to the conclusion that to be truly effective one must cross train, you will also learn how to defend against many different ways of attack. By offering our students classes & a Syllabus in MMA style training we are giving them an opportunity to truly prepare themselves for real world situations against real world attackers.

MMA Training, MMA 6x6m Cage, Weights, TRX Training System, Kettlebells, Sledge Hammers, Truck & Tractor Tyres, Battling Ropes, Full Length Punch/Kick Bags, Thai Pads, Focus Mitts, Ground & Pound Bags, Etc. And more to come!!

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