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Henrietta learn’t how to skate the hard way by making lots of mistakes and falling more often than she needed to. That’s why when Henrietta opened her skate shop in Manly she decided to offer skateboard lessons. She offers them so you can learn how to skateboard or improve your skating in a controlled environment without going through the hardships of working it all out for yourself. A typical beginner lesson will involve learning how to push, turn and stop on your skateboard. All lessons include pads, helmets, skateboards and an experienced coach who will show you the do’s and don’t of the skating world.

Henrietta offers trick flat ground and street skateboarding lessons so that you can learn tricks and get the skills you need to make your way to the skate park. Most lessons typically include learning how to do tricks like ollies, manuals, nose stalls, power slides and much more. We normally recommend having a beginner lesson before doing trick lessons to get the basics down before moving on to more difficult and complex things on your board.

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