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Ryu Bujitsu Kai is a completely integrated system of martial arts.
It incorporates a mix of Karate, Japanese Ju jitsu, Kickboxing and Grappling, making it a complete martial arts and fighting system.

Ryu Bujitsu Kai, has a very strong presence in self defence and mental training. The style originates from Kempo karate and Okinawan karate with fusion of Japaneseju jitsu and kickboxing.

The style of Ryu Bujitsu Kai was founded and created by 7th degree black belt Master Kyoshi Robert Janceski.
Kyoshi Robert has been intensely involved in the martial arts game for over 33 years and has experience and qualifications in numerous styles which come to make up Ryu Bujitsu Kai as we know it today.

Kyoshi Robert Janceski is still developing and refining Ryu Bujitsu Kai to meet the needs of the modern day martial artist as he passes his knowledge down to his instructors.

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